SSO (Google/Microsoft) accounts are unable to login from Mobile App.

Legacy KB ID: 5605


I have just tried to sign in my Deadly Digits App in my mobile/tablet but my login does not work. I’m unable to login to my account from the app, my username and password are all correct. How can I access my book from the mobile app?


Brief description:The issue occurs if you try to login to Deadly Digits App using single sign-on (SSO) account from Google or Microsoft. SSO is a new feature introduced in Deadly Digits Portal and our App has not been updated yet to accommodate for this change. We are working on this feature, however, until then, you will have to use the old-school sign-in method to be able to access it from App.Who is affected?All the user account who is using SSO for login are affected.Users using Old school method (username/password) are not affected.


If you have setup your Deadly Digits account with SSO, Using Google or Microsoft account, and you also want to use our Mobile app, you can do so by creating another account for yourself, using traditional login method. i.e using standard username and password. You can create as many user accounts you wish for free from Deadly Digits Portal.

Please refer to this Kb for more information on creating the new user.

Please remember to assign this new user the appropriate role/permission, so you can get correct access to the book as you wish to use. Further, notice that App does not have full functionality as the browser-based app.

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