Signing up for a Bankdata license on Reckon Accounts

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How do I get a Bankdata license from my Reckon Accounts?


Go to and click on Activate and follow the prompts.


The Issue

A Bankdata record stores your bank and credit card account details and transmits the transaction information that is received from banks, credit card companies and Yodlee.

When you buy a BankData license for the first time a Bankdata record is created for you. 

You have a choice of 3 plans:

  • Lite ($3.00) – offers up to 100 transactions download per month;

  • Medium ($5.00) – offers up to 250 transactions download per month;

  • Advanced ($7.00) – offers up to 500 transactions download per month;


Detailed instructions

Obtain a BankData license and create a Bankdata record

  1. Go to the BankData webpage

  2. Click on the Activate link

  3. Enter your identification:

    1. Hosted Users – your Hosted Username and Password

    2. Desktop Users – your Reckon customer ID and your PIN

  4. Click continue.

  5. Choose your plan and click on Continue

  6. Add or check your charging details and click Continue.

You will receive a confirmation email for the purchase and a second email with your UserID and password.  Bankdata is part of Reckon’s single sign-on system so you will use your Hosted credentials to access your BankData record. 


Request to access bank and credit card accounts

  1. Login to the website

  2. On the Bank Feed Management page click on Add a Feed to request details.

  3. Provide the information requested (over 2 screens)


  4. Major banks provide direct feeds for their bank accounts – these banks are listed separately in the financial Institutions Box

    1. You will be asked to download a bank authority form, complete and sign it according to the authority held by the bank and send it to Reckon on

    2. ANZ & Westpac Live ustomers will be invited to complete the bank account selection on their bank websites.  No authority form need be completed.  You will also have the option to add an ANZ Business One credit card to the direct feed.

    3. Allow 8 business days for the bank to approve your application.  You will receive an email fromus when the first transaction is sent to Reckon letting you know you have transactions to download. 


  5. Minor Banks and credit cards can be accessed by via our partner Yodlee Inc. 

    1. Click on the option “My financial institution does not appear in the list” to activate this option. 

    2. You will be asked to give Yodlee your credentials to your bank’s website.

    3. Connections will be activated immediately and within a few minutes you will have access to up to 3 months of past transactions.


Configure your Company File.

  1. Click here for a guide to configure your company file and to download transactions.  You can only download a transaction once. 

    Yodlee and ANZ Business One credit card users via a direct feed, should refer to KB5470 for unique issues that impact on some bank and credit card numbers.


  2. Transactions are updated daily and are available from 8am Eastern Australia time.


  3. Direct Feed Transactions are only provided from the day of activation.  For transactions before the activation date, export a list of transactions on your bank website to a QIF formatted file and import it into your Company File through Banking > Import Bank Statement (there are no charges for importing via a QIF export file and they do not count as part of your download limit)


Need more help?

Ask the Reckon Community at:


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