Error message 'Please contact the Tax Office', when submitting STP to ATO

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I got the error message ‘Please contact the Tax Office’ when I submitted my STP file to the ATO. Why am I getting the error? Do I have to submit the STP file again?

Applies to:

Reckon GovConnect STP users. For Payroll Premier 2018/19 and later, Deadly Digits, Reckon Accounts Business 2018 R2 and later and Accounts Hosted 2018 R2 and later.


Reason 1:

Register the software ID to the ATO. See this Kb for more information. Once done upload the STP file again to the STP Portal and submit to ATO.

The error ‘contact the tax office’ means you have not registered your software ID of Reckon GovConnect STP to the ATO portal yet. Notice that this is the software ID for the Reckon Govconnect Portal and not for your accounting software.

Once it is done, you will need to re-upload your STP file to the STP portal (Govconnect) and submit it to the ATO.

Reason 2:

If you have already registered your software ID with ATO and still getting this error message, it means there may be temporary issue communications problems with ATO portal end. Please try uploading it again at a later time. 

If this problem persists contact technical support

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