Connecting to Yodlee FastLink

Determining your current Yodlee version

  1. Log-in to your Deadly Digits Book
  2. Open your Book  > from the left side menu > click the Banking menu > then click Bank Connections menu
  3. It will show the Connect to your bank screen where it lists all your linked Bank Feeds
  4. Scroll down and click Connect an account.
  5. Bank feed management will open
  6. Check the Yodlee ID against any Feeds marked as Active> if it does not start with "1" - you are still in the Old Yodlee Connection.
    Any Feeds where the Feed Source is 'Direct From Bank' aren't affected by this change

Any Feeds where the Yodlee ID starts with  "1" are already connected to the new Yodlee system. No action is required

If your Yodlee ID does not start with "1" follow the steps below to connect to Yodlee Fast Link.

Deleting an old Yodlee Connection

  1. Open the Bank Connection window. 
  2. Look for the Yodlee Code that does not start with 1.
    For Reckon Accounts Hosted, skip to Step 8
  3. On the right-hand side of the screen click the Unlink Icon.
  4. The Unlink Account message will open > click the Unlink button 
  5. It will Unlink the Bank Feed Connection. 
  6. Once done, scroll down at the bottom of the page. 
  7. Click the Connect an Account button > to open the Bank Feed Management window
  8. When Bank Feed Management opens look for the Old Yodlee ID > click the bin icon on the right-hand-side
  9. It will give you the "Delete Confirmation" message > Click OK. 

  1. Click the Add Yodlee Feed on the top-right-hand side of the Bank Feed Management window.
  2. It will open the Yodlee Select Site screen > this is where you will find your Bank Institution. (NOTE: If your Bank is not showing in the quick Glance window > type it manually in the Search field)
  3. Your Online Banking Log-in page will show > enter your login credentials
  4. Enter the Submit button > once you have connected the summary window of your banking account will show
  5. Click Close > and wait until the whole window closes on its own
  6. You can also click > Link Another Site if you want to add another Yodlee feed from another bank institution.
  7. Refresh you Bank Feed Management window > you will now see the Yodlee feed you have added.
  8. The Yodlee number now starts with numeric "1" > since it is Yodlee it will be Active right away.

Close the Bank Feed Management window

Deadly Digits

  1. Open the Bank Connection List,Look for the new Yodlee Id > Click the Link hyperlink on the right-hand-side
  1. Under the Account column > Click the drop-down and click the bank you want to link 
  2. You can check your feed by going to "Fast Coding" or "Bank Transactions" menu.

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