You don’t have permission to request bank feeds for this account error when attempting to download B

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Why do I get the error: 

You don’t have permission to request bank feeds for this account.  Please check the Branch Code, Account Number or Yodlee ID in the Bank Account set-up.

When I try to download bankdata transactions?



The error message indicates that one or more of the information cells in Reckon Accounts Business or Hosted, on the Online Bank Details tab of the bank or credit card ledger account, have been incorrectly entered.



In Reckon Accounts Business of Hosted, go to Lists > Chart of Accounts > right-click your bank or credit card > Edit Account > Online Bank Details

Please ensure that:

1.    Online Access Account is ticked;

2.    Your Financial Institution is selected;

3.    Your Branch Code is correctly entered. (numbers only, no spaces or dashes):

Credit Card accounts must enter a valid BSB number;

Use your normal bank BSB or enter 012345 – do not enter 000000

4.    Enter your Account Number.  (numbers only, no spaces, asterisks or dashes).  For accounts accessed via a Yodlee connection please see this article to determine whether your bank account has a unique display;

5.    Select the Account Type;

6.    Tick the box Include Balance Record;

7.    APCA field: if you have an APCA number enter it here, otherwise enter 111111;

8.    Yodlee ID:

a.    For direct bank feeds, leave this field blank (do not enter 0);

b.    For Yodlee-Bank and Yodlee-CC, enter your Yodlee ID as notified on your confirmation email

9.    Click Save & Close.


If the problem persists contact Technical Support for further assistance. 



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