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To use the Invoicing module you need to activate this module within your book. For help on modifying the book and activating the Invoices module, go to Deadly Digits Customer Portal help.


From the side navigation menu, expand Day to day menu and in the Money In section select Invoices. Or from the Quick Add menu, select Invoice.



The Invoices overview can be filtered for All, Unpaid, Overdue or Paid to be displayed by clicking on the relevant tab. The Invoices overview can be customised using the Show/hide columns filter (spanner cog) to select what columns to be displayed (or not) on the screen.



When the medium level of the Invoices module is active, Approval process on Money In settings can be activated / deactivated. 



If the Approval process has been enabled, then the Invoices overview will display All, Draft, Approved, Overdue and Paid Invoices.


Creating an Invoice

To create a new Invoice, click on Add.

Complete the mandatory (those with a red asterisk) and required fields. Then click on Save & close to save the invoice as Unpaid or click on Approve to save and authorise the invoice (if the Approval process is enabled in Settings > Money in).

If you want to enter multiple invoices, click on the arrow next to Save & Close, and then click Save & new.

If you want to change the Invoice number, you can set the Next Invoice number in the Settings. Click here to learn more.



Editing an Invoice

When an invoice is saved as a Draft (Unpaid), it can be edited up to the point where the payment has been received and changes the invoice as Paid.

To edit a Paid invoice, you must first Unlink the payment.


To unlink the payment, click on the Already paid Invoice amount (e.g. $2.00), then Unlink.



A confirmation message will pop up, then select Unlink.


Make the required changes to the invoice, then click on Save.

The unlinked payment from the invoice remains on Money in (receipt) transaction.

To reapply the unlinked payment to the same invoice, click Receive Payment. Select Apply available transactions (i.e. $2.00) checkbox and select the receipt transaction and the amount to use. Click Save to complete transaction.

Invoice Approval Process

Invoice approval process allows the business owner to review draft invoices the employee have created before approving it.

When you create and save a new invoice, it will be in Draft status. You can edit any invoice detail when the invoice is in Draft status. You cannot receive payment on a draft status invoice.

After you have reviewed the content of the draft invoice, click on Approve. When the invoice is in Approved status, you cannot edit the invoice. You can click Make draft to edit button to change the invoice back to Draft mode so you can edit. Once all edits are completed, click Approve to lock the invoice.

When you have received invoice payment from your customer, click on Receive payment to record the payment for the invoice.


Overdue status are approved invoices which have past its due date. It serve as a reminder for the business owner to follow up with their customer for payment.

Emailing a customer invoice

Within the Invoices overview click on the Invoice you wish to email to open it. Click on Send via email.


To send to multiple recipients, add a space + semi-colon ( ;) between each address.



Click on Email History icon to view the email history for your book.



The Email History overview can be filtered for All, Processing, Sent, Failed to be displayed by clicking on the relevant tab.

Customising an Invoice template

To customise your invoice template, go to the Invoice and select Change template. Choose the invoice template and click Manage.


If details do not appear on your invoice, such as your business phone number, check to make sure the option is set to Yes, and that you have entered all relevant contact details under your book settings. Go to Settings > Book settings > Contact details.

Learn more about managing your Template from here.

Invoice Settings

Learn more about Invoice related settings from here.

Receiving payment from within the invoice screen

Customer statements

Recurring invoices



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