Looping issue when creating new Book.

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I’m trying to create a new book in Deadly Digits, I have entered the book name, but unable to move forward. The wizard goes in a loop and doesn’t save. It does not finish the process of creating a book. How do I fix it?


We have identified this issue where the process of creating new book goes in a loop and does not complete, as an issue with duplicate book name (Active or Deactivated).

In Deadly Digits, book names must be unique for a given user account. However, it will let you have the same book name for a different user account

This rule of unique name extends out to active and/or deactivated book. Therefore, when you create a book, if the name you entered for the book is already taken by your own user account, whether it's active or deactivated, it will not allow you to create this book.


1) Use a different book name.

2) If you have used the name for the trial book, rename it to something else, which will free up the name and you can use the name in your real book.

3) If you have not used that name, and it still goes on loop, change the name to something else, finish the process of creating the book. Now you can go back and change the book name to what you intended earlier.

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