Signup - Status Explanation

In the BankFeed Management window, you will see a different status assigned to each BankFeeds you have added. Below is an explanation on what each Status means: 

  1. Draft - The BankFeed signup was started but hasnt been completed.
  2. Saved - The BankFeed signup has been completed, your form has been saved and is awaiting processing.
  3. Form with Bank/ Form Received - We have received the bank authority form and it is currently with the Bank for Authorisation.
  4. Active - Transactions are being received, your BankFeed is now live.

The signup process can take up to ten (10) business days for your institution to connect your bank data to Deadly Digits.

This only shows bank feeds that you have access to. For Security reasons, only the person that applied for the feed can link feeds to an account

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Signup - Deadly Digits

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