Chart of Accounts

The chart of accounts is a listing of all accounts used in the general ledger of an organisation. The chart is used by Deadly Digits to aggregate information into an entity's financial statements. The chart is grouped by the general ledger type, such as Income or Expenses.

You can access the chart of accounts from the Administration icon, or from the side navigation bar > Day to Day > Chart of accounts



The Chart of Accounts overview shows the separate tabs for each account type. 


The Chart of Accounts overview can be customised by selecting the spanner icon to select what columns to be displayed (or not) on the screen. By selecting Code, the account code column will no longer appear in the Chart of Accounts overview.



To add a new account click on Add. Accounts can be created as header or sub accounts down to five levels. Fill in the relevant fields and click on Save and close to return to the Chart of Accounts  overview.



Edit the account details as required or select one of the options View transactionsDelete or View history in the top right. The View history information provides an audit trail / history of the account. The account can be made inactive by changing the Status.  Once the changes are completed / information viewed, click on Save & close to return to the Chart of Accounts overview.



The order of the accounts can be reorganised to better suit business processing. To reorganise the accounts permanently, not just filter them which reverts back to the original display after refreshing the screen, you need to use Reorganise your 'xyz' accounts.


On any account tab, for example Income, click on Reorganise your income accounts.



To reposition the account order, click on an account and drag it with your mouse up or down the list to where you want it to be positioned.



When finished click on Save to return to Chart of Accounts.

Editing a Chart of Account Item

To edit the chart of account simply go the the chart of accounts list, click on the general ledger (chart) item you wish to edit and it will open to the details screen where you can edit the information. 

You can only change account description, account code and export code on system accounts such as Account Receiveable and Accounts Payable.

Import your list of chart of accounts

You can use the import chart of account function if you need to create a number of accounts on your Deadly Digits book fast. Refer to import Chart of Accounts help for a detail guide.

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