Customer Adjustment Notes

Customer Adjustment Notes or Credit notes are transaction issue to your clients for various situations. You may need to create a customer adjustment note to correct a mistake on the invoice amount or refunds for damaged goods.

To use Customer Adjustment Notes you must have the Invoices module activated within your book. For help on modifying the book and activating the Invoices module, go to Deadly Digits Customer Portal help. 

From the vertical sidenavigation menu, expand Day to day menu and in the Money In section select Customer adjustment notes.  Or from the Quick Add menu, select Customer adjustment notes. (or Credit notes in NZ & UK)


Customer adjustment notes settings can be found on Day to Day (money in). You can change the prefix and customise customer adjustment notes templates by adding your company logo or choose what to show on the adjustment notes before sending it to your client.

The Customer adjustment notes list can be filtered for All, Draft, Approved or Closed to be displayed by clicking on the relevant tab. The Customer adjustment notes overview can be customised clicking on the spanner icon to select what columns to be displayed (or not) on the screen.


When Money in Approval Process is enabled on the Day to Day (money in) settings, the customer adjustment notes status will have 3 status - Draft, Approved and Closed.

When Money in Approval Process is disabled on the Day to Day (money in) settings, the customer adjustment notes status will have 2 status - Unused and Closed.

When you disable money in approval process, all draft adjustment notes will be automatically set to 'Unused'.

To create a new Customer adjustment note click on Add from the customer adjustment notes list screen. Complete the mandatory (those with a red asterisk) and required fields.


Click on Save to save the customer adjustment as a draft or click on Approve to save and approve the adjustment note.


When Approved there are two options available, save for future use or refund / apply credit immediately.

If the credit is being applied immediately, click on Issue refund,


If the credit is being refunded to the customer, then complete the Payment date, Bank account, Amount fields and click on Save.



If the credit is being applied to an open invoice tick Apply available transaction.


Choose the relevant invoice from the Transaction to apply drop down menu and enter the amount to be applied, then click on Save. The adjustment note status will update to Closed.



Click on Close to return to the Customer adjustment notes overview.


Return to the Invoices list and you can see the invoice where the adjustment note has been applied reflecting in the total amount and balance remaining columns. 


If the credit is being stored for future, click on Store as a credit then click on OK.

 Click on Close, to return to Customer adjustment notes overview, to see the balance remaining. 


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