Connecting your Book to your BankData feeds

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How do I connect my Bankdata feed to my bank and credit card ledger accounts in Deadly Digits?


You will be able to link to a bank account after you have received notification that your account is active. 

If you have applied to link a number of bank accounts, these accounts may be activated on different days. 

Although the bank account may be made active by the bank, Reckon will not register the account as active until the first transaction is received.


Only the BankData account owner can link the bank ledger account to the bankdata feed.  Once that is done any user with Banking permissions will be able to download and process bankdata.


Detailed Instructions

Go to the Banking screen – Day to Day > Banking

Next to your bank account, click on Connect to your Bank

You will see a list of available bank accounts.

Next to the appropriate one click on Link and select your account.

Return to the Banking screen

Click on View Transactions and then the New tab to see your transactions.

You can now allocate the transactions.


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