Don’t have permission to download Bankdata on my Credit Card Number.

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Why is my attempt to download Bankdata transactions into Reckon Accounts Business for my credit card being rejected?  I get the message: 

You don’t have permission to request bank feeds for this account.  Please check the Branch Code, Account Number or Yodlee ID in the Bank Account set-up.

All information is correctly entered and follows the format outlined in




Use your Credit Card Account Number, and not the Credit Card card number. 


The Issue

Banks and credit card providers vary how they present information to clients on the online bank statement.

Every credit card number is linked to a credit card account number.  In simple situations this will be the same.  Particularly in the area of corporate credit cards, cards are linked to a master account with a different number.  In most cases only the last 3 digits are different.  In other cases the entire number may be different. 

Yodlee is configured to collect the number as it appears on the online bank statement.  This is the number you should use in configuring your Online Bank Details of your credit card ledger account.


To change Online Bank Details:

  1. Lists > Chart of Accounts;

  2. Right click your credit card ledger account and select Edit Account;

  3. Click on Online Bank Details;

  4. In the Account Number field, enter the Credit Card Account Number as it appears on your online statement.


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