Forcing an immediate update of your Yodlee bankfeed

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How can I force my Yodlee connection to get the latest available transactions?


On the Bank Feed Management screen click on the link in the Status column and follow the prompts


The Issue

From time to time you may not have the latest available transactions for your Yodlee bank feed.  This may result from

·         a need to update your bank login credentials with Yodlee;

·         Yodlee not being able to access your bank account on its daily update; or

·         other technical issues that may arise.

You can launch an update independent of the normal daily cycle and get your transactions updated.


Who does this apply to?

Users with Yodlee feeds to either bank or credit card accounts.

This solution does not apply to direct bank feeds.



1.    Go to the Bank Feed Management screen:

a.    Deadly Digits:  Banking > Bank Connections > connect an Account

b.    Reckon Accounts:  login to

2.    On your Yodlee line, click on the link in the Status column;

The name of the link here will vary depending on the state of your Yodlee feed – Active, Authentication Required, Yodlee Error, etc


3.    Enter your current bank online credentials

4.    If your bank login uses additional security, enter the security code sent you when requested

5.    Allow about 10 minutes for Yodlee to retrieve your transactions and update your Bankdata record. 


Need more help?

Ask the Reckon Community at:

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