Taxable Payments Annual Report (TPAR)


Some australian businesses need to submit a Taxable Payments Annual Report to the Australian Taxation office. If you’re not sure if you need to do this, or you want to find out more information, check out the Taxable payment annual report ATO website.

Before you create a TPAR, you need to have TPAR enabled for the suppliers that TPAR is needed for. To do this, in the vertical side navigation click on Contacts, then on ‘Suppliers’.


In the suppliers list, click on a supplier that you want to enable TPAR for.


In the supplier contact, on the right check the ‘Subject to TPAR’ checkbox and click on ‘Save & close’. Do this for all suppliers that are needed.

Add a TPAR

Now that the suppliers are enabled for TPAR, you can now create the report.

In the vertical side navigation menu, click on Tax, then ‘TPAR’.


On the TPAR list screen, click on ‘Add’.


The create TPAR report pop up will then show. Make any changes that you need to the settings, and click on ‘Save’.

On the TPAR, it will show all the suppliers that TPAR applies to with the amount paid to them, and the GST amount.


If you are missing any important info for the supplier, the status for that supplier will show as ‘Missing info’. If you hover over the status, it will tell you what is missing. Then click on their name and fill in what is needed in the contact pop up.


You can see more details for the payments by clicking on the down arrow to the left. If there are payments that you don’t want to include, untick the Include checkbox.

When you’re ready to submit your TPAR, click on the ‘Generate file’ link. Your TPAR file will then download to your computer, which you can then use to submit to the ATO. 

This will show the Lodge TPAR pop up. Fill in the receipt number if you like, then click ‘Yes’.

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