How to link Bankdata feeds and allocate transactions in Deadly Digits

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I have received notification that transactions for the bank and credit cards I have requested have been received.  How do I now process these transactions?


When transactions have been received for your account, a feed for that account will be visible to the bankdata record owner on the Bank Connections screen. 

The bankdata record owner must link the bankdata feed to a ledger account.

  1. To the right of the table on the line for the bank, click on Link;

  2. In the field that opens to the left select the appropriate bank or credit card ledger account;

    1. Please note that the default Cash Account created by the Book is not a bank account and will not appear in this list, even if it is renamed to a bank account name;

  3. Once bank feeds are linked any user with Banking permissions can allocate downloaded transactions.

To view your transactions:

  1. Go to the Bank Accounts screen;

  2. On your bank entry click on the Transactions from Bank tab;

  3. In the top right ensure that in the Upload Section, the highlight is on the bank feed entry

  4. The table below will show the transactions received to date awaiting allocation.

To allocate a transaction to your ledgers:

  1. Look down the list for entries that contain a yellow box – this indicates that an auto-match has been found.  If the match details are appropriate click on the Reconcile button to the right. 

  2. To allocate other transactions click on the Allocate payment (or receipt);

    1. For a quick entry use the fields that open to the right to select the Supplier/Customer and Account and click on Reconcile.;

    2. For a more detailed entry click on Allocate detailed payment (or receipt) and complete the form and click on Save.

If the transaction will be regular with the same details you can create a Rule:

  1. Click on Create rule. 

  2. Complete the search criteria;

  3. Complete details for allocating the transaction.

    1. Where the transaction will be split over a number of accounts, enter lines for fixed amounts first and then lines for percentage amounts; and

    2. Make sure the percentages tally up to 100%

In future downloads Deadly Digits will search for a Rule match before attempting an auto-match.

Allocated transactions will appear in the Allocated tab and under the month icons on the Bank Accounts screen. 

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