Error: The journal does not balance when marking pay run as Paid

Date reported: 22 Dec 2022

Issue status: Resolved on 10th January 2023

'Error: The journal does not balance'

You may receive this message when attempting to mark your pay run as Paid.

This error is displayed intermittently when selecting your pay run as Mark as Paid

Our development team are investigating this issue but to assist you we have a recommended workaround.

  1. Select the Draft pay run that is not able to be marked as paid and select to edit one of the employees within the pay run. The drawer will open for the employee.
  2. Select to modify one of the calculated values, for example, adjust the quantity of hours against the Ordinary pay item, and select Save and close.
  3. Once saved and the values have been updated, enter the correct value again for the employee and again, Save and close then select Done. Select Mark as paid.
  4. If the issue still persists, continue to apply the step 2 again to the other employee’s within the pay run.

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