Last financial year to date report does not show transactions to today

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Why doesn’t a Last Financial Year to Date report show the transactions up to today’s date?


Use a custom range and select the begin date as the start of the last financial year and the current date as the end date.


The Issue

Last financial Year to Date Reports are designed to provide a comparison to this Financial Year to Date Reports, so the performance of the business this financial year can be compared to the same period last financial year. 

This is the international standard for Accounting Reports which has been adopted for Australian accounting purposes and followed by Deadly Digits.

Earlier Australian standard for Accounting Reports did not specify parameters for last financial Year to date Reports and older accounting programmes, including QuickBooks and Reckon Accounts, may be following the literal meaning of the phrase. 



Select Custom for the reports date range with the 1st of July of the last financial year the start date and today’s date an the last date.


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