Employees are unable to enter timesheets and/or Expense claims on Mobile app.

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I have set up my employee and gave them access to the book. However, they are not able to enter their timesheets or expense claims from the Mobile App, why?


Who does this applies to:The issue appears when using the mobile app.Brief description:I have created a login access for my employee as a Staff member for my book so that they can enter their timesheets or expense claims themselves, on the go. However, when the user logs in to their mobile app they do not see any option to enter such. They can do so from the browser on their PC though.(The user may see other areas like invoicing depending on their user permission)
(Figure: Mobile screenshot of the user who has no access to timesheet or any other area)
Body/Detailed steps.This is because the user account you have created for this employee is not linked with the employee profile.You will need to link the username of the staff to their employee card by entering their username in the Employees record.
1) Login to Deadly Digits as admin on your PC.2) Go to contacts and Employees.3) Navigate to the employee's record (who wish to record timesheet or claim expenses on mobile app) and select it to be able to edit,4) Go to the field Employee username and select their username from the drop-down list. Or just type it in.
(Figure: shows how to link the Employee's username to thier record)
Once the employee record is linked to the username of the employee, they can now access the timesheet and/or Expense claims area on the mobile phone.

(Figure: Shows the mobile screenshot where the user has access to just, timesheet and expenses claims)

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