Registering your software ID to ATO via ATO Access Manager.

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How do I register my Software ID with the ATO access manager?

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Reckon GovConnect users for Reckon Accounts Busines/Hosted, Payroll premier or Deadly Digits.


You can register your Software ID via ATO access manager, for STP, please see below instructions:

Please note: For Reckon Accounts Hosted users, you will notice a Software ID listed inside Hosted itself, this is separate and not related to Single Touch Payroll services. Please do NOT use the Software ID listed inside Reckon Accounts Hosted itself for Single Touch Payroll, only use the Software ID in GovConnect STP

1) Go to and click Login.

2) Once you click Login the following screen will appear. In the Select the drop-down box, choose your local Auskey. If your local Auskey is not found, you may need to re-download it. Once you have selected a credential from the list, click Continue

3) Once you have logged in, click My hosted SBR Software Services in the left-hand menu

4) Once the screen loads, click Notify the ATO of your hosted service.

5) In the ABN field enter 14003348730 and click Search. Reckon Limited should then appear in the software service provider list. Click Reckon Limited.

6) You then need to enter the Software ID from your Reckon GovConnect STP application found at

Click on Reckon GovConnect,open the business you have registered, and click Company & Adviser Info. You will then see your Software ID listed. Note: You will need to have set up your STP application in the Deadly Digits Customer Portal prior to this step.

7) Once you have done this, click Next. The Software ID is now registered, and you should be able to submit Single Touch Payroll data via Reckon GovConnect.

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