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Click here for a video guide on signing up for BankFeeds in Deadly Digits.

Once you have signed up for the BankData Module via the Deadly Digits Portal, you will see an additional Menu Entry called Bank Connections under the Banking Side Menu 


Clicking this will take you to the BankFeed window. From here, click the Connect An Account button, this will take you to the BankFeed Management window.

Click the Add Feed button on this window and follow the prompts to set up your BankFeed.


Cash account is not a bank account and can't be linked to a BankFeed.


It can take up to eight days to finalise your bank feed.

Once your application has been finalised, navigate back to the Bank Connections window and click Link next to the BankFeed to select which Deadly Digits bank account to link the BankFeed to.


If no Bank Accounts appear in the drop down it means that all your Accounts have already been allocated to a Feed.

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