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In the Portal you can access the area to change your book name, deactivate your subscription, customise your book modules or transfer ownership of the book. Removing modules does NOT delete any data created with those modules, and will be available for the life of the book in read-only mode.

Note: To edit the data, the module must be active.To edit your book's subscription settings either log into our portal at or from within your Deadly Digits book go to Administration  > Back to Portal > and to the right of the Book name, select the then Settings.

The Settings window will display.

Changing your book name

To change the name of your books, click the Edit icon () and make the required change.

Deactivate your subscription

To deactivate your subscription, click on the Edit icon () next to Deactivate your subscription. Please select a reason for deactivation from the list and enter a message.

Customise your Deadly Digits Modules

To change the modules in your book, click the edit icon  () . The Customise your Deadly Digits modules screen gives the options to choose modules that you want to use in your book at a Lite or Medium level.  Remember all you need to get started is the Core module.  The other modules can be added, scaled up or scaled down as needed giving the freedom to run your business based on your requirements.

For more information on a module, click What's included.

Once either the Lite or Medium level of the module is selected, your package will be updated.

To proceed, click Next and then confirm you credit card details.

Click Send Secure Payment.

Transfer ownership

Deadly Digits has support for managing multiple users and their roles and permissions. For more information on this, search "User roles" for instructions. Whilst there can be many users associated with a book, there can only be one owner of a book and its corresponding subscription.


To change the owner of a book, the current owner must initiate a transfer of the book to another existing user that has an Deadly Digits account. Once the transfer is initiated, a request is sent to the new provisional owner asking them to accept the transfer. If approved, the ownership of the book is transferred to this user.


Importantly, transferring ownership will remove any existing users as well as removing any links to partners. The new owner will need to add or re-add any access they deem appropriate.


For more information about Transferring Ownership of a book, search "Transferring Ownership" for instructions. 

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