Creating customer statements

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How do I create customer statements in Deadly Digits?


You can create the customer statements via day to day > Business > Customer statements.

There are two types of statements available.

· Balance forward.

· Open items.

Open items statement shows open accounts receivable activity as of a specified date. This statement shows the transaction amounts, any partial payments and a running statement balance.

Balance forward statement shows accounts receivable activity for a specified period. A balance forward amount is included to summarise any open transactions relating to previous periods. This statement shows the transaction outstanding amounts and a running statement balance.

Both statements show ageing information. Ageing is calculated on transaction due date. If a transaction doesn’t have a due date specified, then the transaction date is used as the due date.

1) Go to Day to day > Business and Customer Statements.

2) Select Balance forward or Open items as you need.

3) Select or deselect the checkbox for Exclude $0.00 balance.

4) This will list all the eligible contacts for statements (based on the above settings)

5) Once you have listed all the contacts, you will need to select open each of the contacts and select print or send via email button.

Note: there is no option to bulk email the statement for all contacts at present.

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