Transaction Rules

As you process numerous bank transactions in your day to day bookkeeping, you will inevitably find that some bank transactions are recurring. Examples could be monthly account keeping fees, rent payments or fuel expenses purchased on a regular basis.

When you find a transaction that you would like to have automatically created, click Create rule.


Creating a Rule

Give the rule a name. This is normally who or what the rule applies to.

The drop down boxes give you a number of choices on how Deadly Digits looks for information to find a match. The Description field needs to be generic but also specific so remove words like Direct Debit, BPay, Dates.



When you select the condition to “This exact wording”, the values you entered are case sensitive.


The rule can also be set to automatically allocate the transaction to multiple accounts either by amount, percentage or both.

If using the percentage split:


If using amount:


If you choose to enter an Amount, you then must add other line(s) and select Percent and the total Percentage allocation must add up to 100%.

After you click Save, the transaction will update to say it has been matched to a rule and needs to be Accepted.



You can override the match by selecting Allocate payment (or receipt) to manually allocate to a different account.

 An easier way to create an allocation rule for New transactions is to click on Create rule



Creating the rule this way will pull in information from the imported transaction, however you still need to check and edit this information for the rule to function properly. Once saved the rule will automatically run over any unallocated transactions in the system.



Edit Transaction Rules

To edit a transaction rule, click on Transaction Rules under Banking in the left hand menu.


Then click on the rule that you wish to edit.


Edit the rule in the same way as when you created the rule. Click Save to return to the Transaction rules overview.

Accepting a transaction rule with set the transactions status to CLEARED.


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