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I have overpaid the bill accidentally, how do I enter it into Deadly Digits? eg. My bill was for $50 but I have paid $200 to the supplier. Deadly Digits does not allow me to enter the amount higher the bill amount in Pay Bill section. How do I record it?


You can record the overpaid amount as a credit to the supplier.

We offer this as a guide only and you may wish to speak to your accountant for further advice.

Please follow the below steps to record it as credit.

  1. Go to the selected bills from the supplier and click on Make Payment on the top right of the window.
  2. Click on View full details button on the lower left of the window.
  3. Untick the checkbox Use transaction total
  4. Enter the actual amount you have paid. ($200 in this example)
  5. Under Allocate tab go to How Much to Allocate column and enter the total bill amount. $50 in this example.
  6. Hit Save. You will notice the message will pop up, saying amounts don't match, and gives the option to issue credit.

This will allow you to record the overpayment to the supplier and issue them a credit.

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