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A supplier is anyone you pay for goods and services except for employees. Some examples of suppliers are electricity companies, the land lord, telephone company, tax agencies and other businesses that you purchase from.


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Paying bills

Deleting a bill payment



From the vertical navigation menu, expand Day to Day menu and in the Money Out section select Make payment.  Or from the Quick Add drop down menu, select Make payment.














The Make payment overview can be filtered for All payments, Not reconciled or Reconciled to be displayed by clicking on the relevant tab. The Make payment overview can be customised using the Show/hide columns filter to select what columns to be displayed (or not) on the screen.



To create a new payment click on Add. Complete the mandatory (those with a red asterisk) and required fields. To enter an Amount deselect Use transaction total.




Click on the New tab if there is no existing transaction in the system for this payment.  Then click on Add new row to complete the payment account allocation. Either select an Item or an Account.  Click on Save & close to return to the Make payment overview.



Edit or Delete a Supplier Payment, click on the relevant payment in the Make Payment overview then revise, delete or view the history of the supplier payment as required. Click on Save & close to return to Make Payment overview.



Paying a Bill


To pay a bill, from the Bills overview, click on the relevant bill to open it.  Only approved bills can be paid.  Click on Make payment.



Complete the details of the supplier payment made, click on View full details to view additional payment entry fields.  



This will give you additional fields which can be completed for the payment.




When all details and mandatory fields have been completed click on Save. The bill’s status will now show as Paid.


To view an audit trail / history for each bill, click on View history.



To add additional notes to the entries click on Add note. Once finished viewing click on Close.


The Bills overview will show the updated status.


Deleting a Bill Payment


Deleting a bill payment requires two steps, unlinking the payment, and then deleting it.


Click on the Paid tab in the Bills overview and click on the bill to open it.



Scroll down the bill until you can see and click on the already paid amount.



Click on the amount and then click on Unlink.  Confirm by clicking on Unlink.











You will see the bill’s status has changed back to Approved or Overdue.   



Now the payment has been unlinked it can be deleted. In the Money out section, select Make Payment.  Locate the payment in the list and tick the box beside it. Click on Delete.



Confirm deletion of the payment by clicking on Delete.



The Links and Alerts widget on the Dashboard reminds that there are Bills unpaid. You can access the transactions by clicking on the link.







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