Yodlee feeds do not automatically update

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Why haven’t the bank accounts accessed by Yodlee not updated since my last download?  My Direct feeds are updating.    


Go to the Bank Feed Management screen, click on the Authentication Required link in the Status column and re-enter your financial institution’s credentials.


The Issue

BankData now allows you access financial institutions that require you to enter a security code, valid for only a minute and sent to you by SMS or token, to access their website.  Yodlee is unable to obtain your transactions on a daily basis because it cannot respond to the request for the security code sent to you.  

To get your latest transactions you will need to update your login credentials on the Bank Feed Management screen.  Transactions will be updated within a couple of minutes. 



Access the Bank Feed Management screen:

1.    Deadly Digits – BankData record owner to log into Deadly Digits and either:

a.    Click on Control Panel > Bank Feed management; or

b.    In the Book, go to Banking > Bank Connections, and click on Connect an Account.

2.    Reckon Accounts – BankData record owner to login to the website bankdata.reckon.com.

On your Yodlee connection line, click on the Authentication Required link in the Status column.

Enter your financial institution login credentials.  If the form requests whether additional authentication is used, answer yes.

When requested enter the security code sent to you by SMS or by token

Wait a few minutes as Yodlee retrieves transactions since your BankData record was last updated.    

You can now go to your programme and view or request your latest transactions. 


Need more help?

Ask the Reckon Community at: https://community.reckon.com/reckon.

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