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You can now attach images, PDF's, Microsoft Excel and Word documents to bills and payment transactions in Deadly Digits. 

Document storage is only available for books with Invoice and Bill medium module.
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Document storage permissions

How to upload a file

How to download and delete a file

Attachment column on list

Document storage rules


Document storage

The document storage interface is accessible on existing Bills and Payment transactions. The document storage function will not be available on a new transaction until that transaction has been saved. The transaction needs to be saved before document storage functionality becomes available. 



Document storage permissions

A new set of permissions for document storage has been added to the Administration and Superuser roles. These permissions govern what type of action user can perform for document storage. 

Upload: Required to upload and attach files to a transaction. 

Download: Required to download attached files from the transaction onto your local computer.

Delete: Permission required to delete attached files from the transaction. 

Note: It is not possible to retrieve a file once it is deleted.

All: Includes Upload, Download and Delete permission. All is enabled for the Administrator and Superuser role by default.

How to upload a file

There are two methods which you can use to upload and attach files to a transaction. You require Document storage 'Upload' permission in order to attach files:  

Drag & Drop: Select the file you want to upload (left click on the file and hold) then drag the file to the dotted area. The file will be automatically uploaded to the transaction.

Browse: Click on the BROWSE link to open the browser file explorer window. Browse to the folder where the files are located then select the files to upload and click Open

How to download and delete a file

To download attachments, you will need to have document storage 'Download' permission. Click on file name to download the file onto your local machine. Image file types and PDF will open on a new browser tab. 

To delete attachments, you will need to have document storage 'Delete' permission. Click on 'X' icon to the right of the file name to delete the file. A warning message box will appear to confirm delete action. 


It is not possible to retrieve a file once it is deleted. 


Attachment column on list

Attachments column is available on Bills and Payments lists. It shows the number of files that have been attached to a bill or payment.

For existing users you will need to include this column. Click on the spanner icon and add the attachments column.  

You can filter for the number of documents attached to your transactions by selecting the filter icon in the Attachments column. The filter options are None, 1, 2, and 3.


Document storage rules

  • File extensions that can be saved are: docx, doc, xlsx, xls, tiff, PDF, jpg, jpeg, png and gif.
  • you can save up to 3 files to a transaction (bill or payment). Each file size must be 10 megabytes (MB) or less.
  • Attachments will be deleted if the transaction is deleted.
  • Document storage functionality is currently not available on the Deadly Digits mobile app.
  • Attachments will not be shown on the bill print out such as PDF or email.
  • Attachments remain accessible for download when you have downgrade from Invoice Medium module.



How many attachments can I upload?

You can upload 3 attachments per transaction each with a 10MB file size limit.

What file types can I upload as attachments?

We've got you covered with most major file types including; .docx, .doc, .xls, .xlsx, .tiff, .pdf, .jpg, .jpeg, .png and .gif.

Why do I need to save the transaction before adding an attachment?

Your attachments are assigned to the unique transaction ID that is generated for the specific transaction once it has been completed and saved.

I've deleted a transaction which had attachments, can I retrieve those attachments?

No, when a transaction is deleted, all attachments assigned to that transaction are also deleted and cannot be recovered.

Can I see who has uploaded/deleted an attachment?

Yes, click on the 'View History' option in the transaction for a real time log of activity pertaining to the individual transaction.

What happens to the attachments if I downgrade/remove the Invoices - Medium module?

All the attachments you've uploaded to transactions will remain intact. You can still download or delete the existing attachments just not upload.

How do I enable/disable document storage for other users?

Document storage is enabled by default for the Administrator and Support user roles. You'll be able to customise document storage capability which is found under the 'Administration' dropdown inside a role. For general info on creating/editing a role check out our video HERE.





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