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What is Yodlee?

Yodlee is an independent financial service integrator that arranges a direct connection between your bank and your Reckon accounting product. They can provide a link to your Credit Card Account, or any account where your institution has not provided Reckon with a direct connection.

The majority of financial institutions who do not provide direct bank feeds to Reckon can be accessed by Yodlee. 

Although all steps are taken by Yodlee to ensure the security and privacy of the connection, the connection works through the internet and does require you to provide your bank login credentials to Yodlee. You must be comfortable with this condition and the other Yodlee Terms and Conditions to use this service. More information about Yodlee is available from their website.


Do I need to organise a Yodlee account before I apply for BankData?

No. Requests for feeds to Credit Card Accounts, and for banks that do not provide direct bank feeds to Reckon, will be automatically directed to Yodlee.  The sign-up process will create a Yodlee account in your name for this purpose. 

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