Reconciling your accounts

To reconcile your bank account, click Reconciliation, make sure the correct account is selected in the Account drop down. Enter the Statement closing balance and Statement closing date. Then click Start reconciliation.


Transactions that are matched between Deadly Digits and your bank statement need to be selected (ticked) in the Reconcile column.


When all transactions in the date range are ticked off as Reconciled, the difference should be $0.00. You can then click Finish Reconciliation.



You also have the option to Continue later if you need to go and make some changes to your book before completing the reconciliation. To continue a reconciliation, following the same steps as above.

If the reconciliation is not finish, any transactions selected (ticked) during a reconciliation will become Cleared status.

Clicking on Finish reconciliation will display a pop up to lock off the period reconciled and to view the reconciliation report. 

  The transactions will now show as Reconciled on the transactions pages.



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