Super Funds


Super Funds can be a Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) or APRA regulated funds that superannuation contributions for employees are paid to. For each super fund provider you need set up a business type contact in Deadly Digits with a contact type of Super fund.



Once the Super Fund is saved there are two extra tabs at the top of the screen, Bank details and Super funds.  Fill in the bank account details for making payments to the fund.


On the Super fund tab select if the fund is APRA or SMSF.  This page needs to be completed and saved in order for the super fund to be available when setting up the employee pay items.



APRA Funds


Choose the super fund provider from the list of APRA funds.  This is required for mapping the contact to the super fund in case they have different names.  Based on this mapping the ABN for the fund can be accessed.  Enter the employer number for use in SuperStream.




Self-managed Super Funds


Enter the name for the SMSF and its electronic service address. Also the ABN number needs to be entered on the General tab for a self-managed super fund.  Click on Save & close to return to Super Funds overview.


We have added a new feature in Payroll to allow a user to request a super fund to be added if it is missing. This communication will come straight to Reckon team and the request will be actioned.


To request for a user’s super fund to be added, click on “My super fund is not listed”



Then a message will appear to fill in more information about the missing fund. 



Once you have submitted the form, the request will be sent to the Reckon team to be updated when possible.




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