Can’t add a tax code to a transaction in the Payments and Receipts window of CashBook.

Legacy KB ID: 4224


Why doesn’t CashBook allow me to enter a tax code when I enter a payment or receipt?


Tax codes are entered with the setup of the accounting category.  By design CashBook Online does not allow a tax code to be entered in the Payments and Receipt windows.



Ensure your Accounting Category has the correct tax code assigned:

·         Click on Setup under Configure;

·         Select Set up accounting categories

·         Double click on your accounting category

·         Select the correct tax code in the Tax code box

·         Click on OK to save.


If you will have transactions with different tax codes to the same accounting category, you should set up a second accounting category for the different tax code.  You could arrange to have a header account with a subaccount for each different tax code. 

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