CashBook Online screen wobbles

Legacy KB ID: 4792


Why do the figures in my CashBook Online registers wobble?  How can I stop it?



The problem is a display issue on this PC.  The actual cause will vary form one PC to another.



Try the following steps until the issue is resolved.

1.    Change the width of the Category column in CashBook Online:

a.    Place your mouse over the right border line of Category column until the mouse turns to a left and right arrow;

b.    Left click and drag to change the column width.


2.    Expand your screen to Full Screen.

If already using Full Screen, downsize the screen and then drag it out to nearly full screen size.


3.    Change Screen resolution.

a.    On a Windows 7 PC – Control Panel > Display > Change Display Settings > select another Resolution option > OK;

b.    You may need to try various settings.

c.    If using multiple screens, keep the CashBook Online window to one screen.


4.    If you are using a web browser other than Internet Explorer, try accessing CashBook Online through Internet Explorer


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