Missing Latest Transactions

There are several reasons why transactions may be missing from your Yodlee bank feed.

These reasons include:  

  1. There may be a current Technical issue with your specific Banks Feed, check the Yodlee Feed Status report on the Reckon Community for the latest updates.
  2. You have updated your Online Banking password at the bank but this new password hasn't been set up within Yodlee.
  3. Transactions appear in your Online Banking when they are still in a Pending state. Only transactions that have been Posted will be recognised by the BankData processes.
  • Posted transactions are those that have been fully processed by the bank. 
  • Pending transactions are those that have been notified to the bank but all the details required to complete the transactions have not been sent through.  A  transaction may remain in a pending state for a number of days before all the details are received and its status changed to posted.

If you suspect transactions that should be showing are missing from your Feed, follow this check list: 

  1. Refresh your Yodlee connection to force an immediate update of your transactions.
    1. Click Bank Connections in the Side Panel, click Connect an Account.
    2. Next to the Bank Feed that you are having the issue with click the link in the Status column and re-enter your Banking Credentials.
  2. Check the Date Range that has been set for BankData
    1. In Deadly Digits, click the Cog icon, select Settings and then Book Settings
    2. For the BankData - Retrieve Last field ensure the number of days specified is set to an appropriate number of days. Deadly Digits shows unallocated transactions based on this setting. E.g. If this setting is set to 7 days, the last weeks worth of transactions will be displayed
    3. In some cases changing this setting to 1 day, navigating to the Bank Transactions window, then changing this setting back to the preferred number of days can refresh and resolve issues with missing transactions
  3. Eliminate Screen Display Issues in Deadly Digits
    1. On the Transactions from bank tab, click Ctrl+F5 to Refresh the screen. 
    2. Switch between the Transactions from bank tab and the Deadly Digits Transactions tab several times;
  4. Unlink and Relink the bank feed
    1.  Open the Bank Connections window
    2. Next to your Account, click Unlink and accept the warning message that appears
    3. Now click Link and reselect your Bank Account, click Save


If you still have the problem after these steps please get in touch with Bankdata support.

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