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Note: This document assumes that the company has been setup already for use with payroll in Deadly Digits, and that a pay run has been completed. Single Touch Payroll is enabled by default for all Reckon One Payroll users. For information about the specific fields required in Deadly Digits to be setup before a Single Touch Payroll submission can occur, please refer to this knowledge browser article.


Before you can successfully lodge with the ATO you must register your software ID with the ATO. Submissions will not complete successfully until this is done. Please click here for information.

You must also sign up for our STP lodgement app; GovConnect. See here for details.  

Processing a Submission to the Reckon GovConnect STP for review


Once you have completed a pay run in Deadly Digits, it will be available to submit to the ATO once you have sent it to the Reckon GovConnect Single Touch Payroll application. To do this perform the following tasks. 

  1. Open Single Touch Payroll in Deadly Digits. Click the Single touch payroll link available in the side bar under the Payroll option. If this link is not present, your user may not have permissions to this area. Please discuss with your Deadly Digits administrator.
  2. The application will then open to the Single Touch Payroll summary page. On this page, you will see a list of all the pay runs (in Single Touch Payroll these are known as pay events) that can be submitted to Reckon GovConnect STP for onward processing to the ATO.

The summary page gives you the name of the pay run, the date of the pay run, the number of employees included in the event, whether it is set to be a full file replacement and the total gross of the pay period. This allows you to quickly and easily identify each unique event that may need to be submitted to the ATO for processing. 

  1. Once you click on a entry in the summary list, the details of the employees included in the pay event will display. The information includes the pay period, the gross (year to date) amounts paid to the employees as well as the tax withheld from the employees. It is here that you determine which type of transmission you need to send. A new submission, full file replacement or update.


Submitting a New Pay Event

To submit a new pay event to Reckon GovConnect STP for review, ensure that the data displayed is correct and then click Send to GovConnect STP as shown below.

Once you have clicked  Send To GovConnect STP, validation errors may occur as per below. Ensure you resolve all these before trying again.


Once you have successfully sent the data, it will appear in the Deadly Digits area of Reckon GovConnect STP for review before being sent for processing by the ATO.


Submitting an Update Event

If Reckon or the ATO has advised that you should perform a update event to correct a issue, or alternately you decide to perform a update event to correct a issue, this is how to do this.

In the employee list, you will see a column with Update and a checkbox next to each employee's name, such as below:

If you select the Update checkbox and then submit an update event, that employee will be included in the submission. Only those employees which have been selected will be included in the Update request as per the rules of Single Touch Payroll. If you need to replace every employee's information you should perform a full file replacement submission, detailed further into this guide.

To submit a update event, click the arrow next to Send to GovConnect STP which will give you a drop down set of options. 

Click Send update, and the transmission will be sent to Reckon GovConnect STP as a update event.


Submitting a Full File Replacement


If you need to replace a entire submission that has been processed by the ATO already, you need to use a Full File Replacement. To do this, perform the changes required such as updated pay run, and then return to the Deadly Digits Single Touch Payroll page. All employees are included in a Full File Replacement and so do not need to be selected for updating.

To send a Full File Replacement, click the dropdown arrow next to Send to GovConnect STP and click Send full file replacement.

The submission will then be sent to Reckon GovConnect STP as a Full File Replacement transaction.

Final Pay Event

In Deadly Digits this feature will be added by the end of the 2018/19 financial year as part of the compliance update.


More Information

For more information on Single Touch Payroll, visit the Reckon Single Touch Payroll hub or the Australian Taxation Office.

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