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Why do I have to select Accounts Payable as the Payable type when the transaction is a Cash Payment transaction to a contact I do not track? 


Because there are different sources for payments, Deadly Digits must be notified what sort of payment a transaction is, the options being:

·         Accounts Payable

·         Payroll Payable

·         Super Payable

Accounts Payable is the default payment type and is not to be confused with the Chart of Account of the same name, and assigning this payable type does not impact on the Accounts Payable ledger account for new transactions. 

Payroll Payable and Super Payable are specialised payment categories generated by the Payroll module.

The Payable type is a required field and consequently so is a Contact.  Where payments are made to an entity that you do not wish to track, then you should create a generic contact for those transactions – for instance Miscellaneous Suppliers. 

When you launch an Add Payment from within your bank account register, the Payable type is not indicated as a required field, but you still have to select Accounts Payable.


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