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A search icon is available on the top right section of the book banner. Hover over on the search icon to display the search. You can also use the F8 key on the keyboard to display the search. 


Successful searches will display search results. You can hover over a search result to see more detailed information or click on a search result to access the transaction or the contact.


Deadly Digits text search allows you to quicly perform transactional searches on your book.


Transaction search by amount

Format: {transaction type} {condition} {amount} 

Example: invoices > $100.00 

For amount searches, you can use either $ (for AU/NZ users) or £ (for UK users) or alternatively do not specify any currency symbol. 


Transaction search by contact

Format: {transaction type} {contact type} is {name}

Example: receipt customer is Beethoven

If you want to search a contact name that contains spaces, wrap the name in double quotes. Example: receipt customer is "John Citizen".


Transaction search by status

Format: {status} {transaction type}

Example: paid invoices


Transaction search by date

Format: {transaction type} {condition} {date}

Example: payment date is 30/06/2019


Transaction search by due date 

Format: {transaction type} duedate is {condition} {date}

Example: bills duedate is today


Transaction search by reference

Format: {transaction type} reference is {reference text}

Example: receipts reference is xyz

If you want to search a reference that contains spaces, wrap the reference in double quotes. Example: receipts reference is "abc 123".


Transaction search by transaction type

Format: {transaction type}

Example: receipts


Transaction search by transaction number

Format: {transaction type} number is {transaction number} 

Example: invoice number is INV0001


Multiple condition search

Format: {search 1} and/or {search2}

Example 1: receipt contact is "John Citizen" and receipts > $100.00

Example 2: invoice contact is "John Citizen" and unpaid invoices

Example 3: bill contact is "Harry Potter" and bill duedate is 30/06/2020

Example 4: payments contact is "Bruce Wayne" or bills contact is "Bruce Wayne"


Contact, reference and transaction number searches are wildcard searches. So all results containing the specified text are returned.

Transaction types


Core module: receipt(s), payment(s)

receipts > $40.00

Invoice module: invoice(s), bill(s), estimate(s), quote(s), customer adjustment note(s), CAN, credit note(s), supplier adjustment note(s), SAN, bill credit(s)

payment = $19.95


Amount formats


100, 100.00, $10, $100.00, £100, £100.00

invoices = $100.00


Conditions for amount searches


=, equal to, is equal to

receipt is equal to $50.00

>, greater than, is greater than, above, is above, more than, is more than, at least, is at least, not below, is not below, not less than, is not less than, no less than

bills > $500.00

<, less than, is less than, below, is below, up to, is up to, not above, is not above, not more than, is not more than, no more than

invoices less than $20.00

<>, is not equal to

payments <> $30.50

>=, greater than or equal to, is greater than or equal to, is not less than or equal to, is at least

receipts greater than or equal to $40.00

<=, less than or equal to, is less than or equal to, is not greater than or equal to, is up to

bills <= $25.00


invoices between $100 and $150


Date formats


dd/mm/yyyy, dd/mm/yy, dd/mmm/yyyy, dd-mm-yyyy, dd-mm-yy, dd-mmm-yyyy,,, dd.mmm.yyyy, today, yesterday, tomorrow


payment date is 30/06/2019


Conditions for date and duedate searches


date after, date before, date below, date above, date more than, date less than

invoices date after 30/06/2019

date >, date < date =, date >=, date <=, date is

invoice date = 31/07/2019

is today, dated today, is dated today, is tomorrow, dated tomorrow, is dated tomorrow, is yesterday, dated yesterday, is dated yesterday

invoices dated yesterday


Condition for contact and reference searches


is, =

invoice customer "John citizen"


Condition for transaction number searches


number is

invoice invoice number is INV0001


Status types


unpaid, paid, draft, approved, overdue

unpaid bills


Extender for multiple condition searches


and, or

invoice contact is "John Citizen" and unpaid invoices


Voice search allows you to quickly access certain pages or reports within your book.

To activate voice search, click the microphone icon  in the search panel, The icon will change from an inactive state  to an active state . You will have a few moments to say your search before the microphone defaults back to an inactive state .

Voice search is only available for Google Chrome browser. You will need to grant `` permission to access your microphone on your Google Chrome browser.

Format: <navigation keyword> <page or report>  

Example: go to chart of accounts


Navigation keywords for voice search


go to, navigate to, open, view, show, show me

go to chart of accounts


Reports that you can navigate to using voice search


profit and loss report, balance sheet report, trial balance report, account enquiry report, report centre

open profit and loss report


Pages that you can navigate to using voice search


Core module: receipt(s), payment(s), money transfer(s), journal(s), recurring transaction(s), customer(s), supplier(s), contact(s), item(s), chargable item(s), customer statement(s), bank account(s), reconciliation(s), bank payment(s), transaction rule(s), Deadly Digits transaction(s), bank transaction(s), bas tax, bas, business activity statement, activity statement, tpar, report centre, email, email history

go to receipts

Invoice module: invoice(s), bill(s), estimate(s), customer adjustment note(s), supplier adjustment note(s), credit note(s), bill credit(s), supplier credit note(s), setting(s), chart of account(s)

navigate to invoices

Payroll module: employee(s), payroll setup, pay run, super stream, super fund, single touch payroll, stp, stp end of financial year, inb payment summaries, etp payment summaries, payment summaries annual report

view pay runs

Timesheet module: employee(s), timesheet(s)

open timesheets

Expense module: employee(s), expense claim(s)

show expense claims

Project module: project(s)

go to projects

Bank data module: bank connection(s), fast coding

navigate to fast coding





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