Missing transactions in BankData downloads

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Why am I missing some transactions in my BankData download?


There are a number of reasons you may not see these transactions at the time you are expecting:

1.        The transaction when it first appeared on the bank statement had a status of “pending”.

a.      BankData only processes transactions that are officially set by the bank as “posted”.

b.      When transactions are initiated by a 3rd party like a Credit Card, BPay, Internet transfer, and other like payment systems, the bank may only be able to recognise that a transaction was done but not have the details.  The bank will enter this transaction as “pending”.

c.       Once the details are received, usually within a day or two, the status is changed to “posted” and only then added to your bankdata record under the original transaction date. 


2.        You attempted to download a day whose transactions had not been received yet – it is added to your bankdata record on the next day but under the original date of the transaction.

a.      This is more common with Yodlee connections than Direct feeds.

b.      Direct feeds may experience technical difficulties either at the Bank end or Reckon end that may delay the update of BankData records.


3.        The day was outside the range of the Bankdata: retrieve last range (Settings > General > Book Settings)

This is more common when the missing transactions are block between the date of the previous download and the first transaction of the current download.


4.        The download limit was reached. 

This is more common when the missing transactions are a block between the last downloaded date and the current date.


5.        The transaction was deleted by a user


Additional Information

Daily update to the status of Bankdata feeds is available in the Community at: 



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