You dont have permission to request bank feeds .....for an ANZ Business One CC

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Why do I get the error message:

Getting transaction summary error

You dont have permission to request bank feeds for this account.  Please check the Branch code, Account Number or Yodlee ID in the Bank Account set-up.

when I try to import transactions from the ANZ Business One credit card via a direct feed and not the Yodlee feed?

I have checked that all my account details and correct and entered according to the guides at:



Insert 3 zeros at the start of your Credit Card Number sequence in your credit card ledger account’s setup screen and on the online bank details tab.


The Issue

The ANZ electronic processing system inserts 3 zeros at the start of Credit Card number sequence.  You must include these in your bank online details of your bank ledger account. 

Where your credit card number is:  4946 1234 1234 9876,

Enter:   0004946123412349876

Please note that only the Business One credit card series is available for a direct bank feed when account details are entered directly on the ANZ website.  All other ANZ credit card series can only be accessed by a Yodlee connection and do not encounter this issue. 


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