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Processing the report

The "Single touch payroll (EOFY)" function allows you to complete the end of year process that the ATO requires for all users of the Single Touch Payroll system.

To complete an end of year finalisation process in Deadly Digits Payroll, follow these easy steps. 

Step 1

Click the Single touch payroll link from the sidebar. Payroll > Single touch payroll (EOFY)

This will open the brand new End of Financial Year Single Touch Payroll screen in the Deadly Digits Payroll application.

Step 2

Click Add. An application dialog will appear asking you which financial year you wish to generate the report for. 


Step 3

Select the relevant financial year and click Add single touch payroll (EOFY) report. If you no longer want to generate the report, click cancel and the dialog will close.

Once you click Add single touch payroll (EOFY) report an entry should be added to the list for the year selected.

You can only have one report for each financial year. If you need to re-generate the report, click the checkbox next to the list entry, and then the delete button.


If you attempt to generate a report for a financial year when one already exists, the following dialog will display. 


If you click a line entry, details of the employees from that report will display.

Each employee paid within the selected financial year will display including their year to date Gross and PAYG amounts. This will also display employees that have never been included in a regular Single Touch Payroll report for that financial year. 

Step 4

Once you have reviewed the data, to submit to Reckon GovConnect for final review and processing, click Send to GovConnect STP. This will always be sent as a update event rather than a new payrun, as it is a finalisation report.


Step 5

Click Launch GovConnect STP to open Reckon GovConnect, and submit this report via the process performed with regular STP reports to the ATO for processing. Once you have completed this task, your ATO finalisation requirements for STP will be complete for the financial year.


Adjusting the Report Once Submitted

If you have already sent the data to the ATO and discover a mistake, you will need to delete the original report, make the correction in Deadly Digits Payroll and re-generate the report. To do that follow these steps:

Step 1

Open the original report which will have a status of sent, much like below. Click the Set to draft button.

Once this is clicked, you will then be able to delete the report as the report has changed back to draft status.

Step 2

Click the Single touch payroll (EOFY) breadcrumb link as per below to return you to thge main list.


The report is displayed as draft status. Follow the process to delete the report (click the checkbox next to the line entry, and click the delete button as per earlier in this guide). After you have deleted the report, make changes in the payroll system as desired, re-generate the report and submit the updated report to the ATO via Reckon Govconnect.

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