Removing Duplicate transactions from a BankData import in Deadly Digits

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I manually imported some bank transactions and now when I open Deadly Digits again those transactions are once again waiting to be allocated.  How do I delete them?


Reset the number of days to download BankData transactions in General Settings.


The issue

When you have established a BankData feed, if you choose to download transactions manually (QIF, CSV file) because the normal daily update did not happen, then your transactions for this day will become available the next day BankData is updated.  You will have your transactions again. 

For the time being these transactions cannot be deleted, and attempts to ignore the transactions results in these transactions being visible again the next time to return to the Unallocated tab.

You can reset the number of days BankData will import transactions. 




1. Identify the last date of the manually imported data. 

2. Count the number of days from then to today. 

3. Go to Settings (the cog wheel) > General > Book Settings

4. In the box "BankData - retrieve last..." change it from the number showing (default is 60) to the number in 2 above.

5. Close Settings and exit your Book.

6. Re-enter your book and check the unallocated tab again - you should only see transactions for the number of days you specified in 2 above – transactions after your manual download.


If you do not download transactions within the number of days calculated in 2 above, you will need to extend the number of days to retrieve in General Settings to capture all your outstanding transactions.

Eventually you can leave the number of days somewhat longer than your normal period for entering bank transactions.


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