Creating a Book


Deadly Digits makes creating a new book an easy task by using the set up wizard.


From the Deadly Digits Portal, simply click on Add Product on the top right of the screen and select Deadly Digits to get started and let the wizard help you through the process.


The Choose a plan screen gives the options to choose functionality that you want to use in your book. These plans contain different modules level which you can choose to best sut your needs. You can always change the book modules later on. Refer to Customise your Deadly Digits modules to find out how.

Other than Payroll, the Core module is all you need to get started. This is automatically in Your Cart. The other modules can be added, scaled up or scaled down as needed giving the freedom to run your business based on your requirements.



One of the best things about Deadly Digits, is the ability to mix and match modules and functionality so you only pay for what you use. Click Mix and match to completely customise your Deadly Digits Experience.



Once you have the plan that suits, click BUY NOW and follow the prompts through your purchase screen. Review the selected modules then enter your credit card details.


If you have selected 30 day free trial, Reckon will send a notification email prior to the 30 day free trial expiring.


A few more questions

 Before you start entering data it's beneficial to get a few basics entered up front. 

Date of first transaction ​cannot be changed once saved. We suggest you select a date that is the day before your financial year start date, as well as selecting the year prior to any data you wish to enter as part of your book set-up process, such as opening balances. 

Click SUBMIT to complete the book setup. The Deadly Digits Dashboard will appear.



Entity type: The legal entity structure of this book.

Business name: Pre-filled with your Deadly Digits Portal business name, however this can be changed as required. Should be your legal business name. 

Name your Deadly Digits book: A name that is meaningful to you. Does not need to be the full legal name. 

Registered for GST (VAT in the UK): Are you registered for the good and services / value added tax in your country? This is extremely important as it enables the appropriate tax fields throughout Deadly Digits. Note: You can add this later via the Settings menu in your Deadly Digits book. 




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