STP upload Error, ‘instance.EmployeeData(*).Detail.Email is not any of (subschema 0),subschema 1),’

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I’m getting the error ‘instance.EmployeeData[*].Detail.Email is not any of [subschema 0],subschema 1],’ when uploading the STP file to Reckon

Applies to:

Reckon Accounts Business user


The issue indicates that you may have incorrect data or value in the email field of your employee.

1) Most common cause for this is that you may have entered two email address in the email field of the employee separated by a semicolon.

2) You may also have leading or trailing 'Blank spaces' in the email address. Remove any blank spaces.

Remove the second email address from the email field and leave only 1 email address in the field.

Detailed steps.

1) Go to the Employee Centre in your file.

2) Select the employee number listed on the error message.

3) Go to the ‘Address and Contact’ Tab of the employee.

4) Make sure there is only one email address listed and not multiple separated with semicolons.

Delete all other email addresses, leaving just the one.

5) Ok and out.

6) Now export the STP file again and upload it to the GovConnect STP. (You do not have to edit the pays to make this changes effective)

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