A Journal (aka general ledger journal) allows direct posting to the books ledger to enter prior period information, adjust account balances, or to correct mistakes.


This function is generally used by accountants and bookkeepers. If you are unsure how to complete a journal using debits and credits we suggest seeking professional advice. 

On the vertical navigation, click on Day to day, then under Business, click Journals.



Adding a journal


On the journal overview screen, click Add.



The journal date will default to today’s date. Make sure to add in a summary, and fill in any other header fields as you need. Then complete the details in the rows in the journal table. 


Make sure you enter the account. 

Journals require a minimum of two (2) rows, and the debit column total must equal the credit column total. 



When you’re finished, click Save & close.


Editing a Journal


To Edit or Delete a journal, click on the journal in the Journal overview screen.



Edit the journal details as required or select one of the options, Delete or View history in the top right. The View history information provides an audit trail / history of the journal.



Once the changes are done, click on Save & close to return to the journal list screen.

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