Why is my ATO status still saying ‘Pending’ and not ‘Success’, even days after submission?

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I have submitted my STP file via Reckon GovConnect STP portal, successfully to the ATO. However, it has not been processed by ATO yet. It still has the ‘Pending’ status, how can I fix it?

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Reckon GovConnect STP portal user. Deadly Digits, Reckon Accounts Desktop, Reckon Accounts Hosted and Payroll premier.


The various reasons for the delay in processing the STP via ATO are as below:

Reason 1: There is an extensive backlog in ATO’s end resulting in some delays in the processing.

Solution: The file will be processed automatically once ATO clears the backlog. You do not have to take any action and wait for it to be cleared within days or two.

Reason 2: There are weird characters in the address field for the business or in an employee’s record:

If the STP has not processed yet ever after waiting for several days, (4+ days), it is likely there may be some invalid characters in the address field of your company or employees.

ATO has advised us that if there are any characters that are not in the UTF-8 list, are present in the STP file, then ATO’s portal is failing to process it.

Solution: To fix the issue, you will have to remove such invalid characters from the address field, and re-export the STP file, and upload again to the STP Portal.

Please note: this address field refers to both your business and employees’ address.

Some examples of such invalid characters are ç,é, or ñ, I’; "İnanç Esasları" shown as "Ä°nanç Esasları"

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STP upload Error, ‘instance.EmployeeData(*).Detail.Email is not any of (subschema 0),subschema 1),’

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