How to revoke Multi-Factor Authentication using Recovery PIN in Reckon GovConnect STP portal

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How do I revoke Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) using Recovery PIN in Reckon GovConnect STP portal? I do not have access to my device that is linked with Reckon STP that generates MFA code.

I have also tried setting up MFA on the new device, but that is not working.

Applies to:

Any Reckon GovConnect STP users, Deadly Digits, Reckon Accounts Business, Accounts Hosted, or Payroll Premier users.


If you lose your access to your device where you have installed your authenticator app, you can easily revoke your MFA remotely, using your Recovery PIN.

You, however, need to remember or have access to your Recovery PIN.

Note that to view the Recovery PIN via the Portal, you do need to enter the MFA code, therefore we recommend you store this PIN somewhere secure or memorise it.

1) Login to your Deadly Digits Portal.

2) Select the user profile (human icon) from the top right corner.

3) Navigate to Multi-Factor Authentication section and select Revoke.

4) You will now have the option to select MFA Code or Recovery PIN. Select Recovery PIN.

5) Enter your recovery PIN and select Submit.

6) Upon entering the correct recovery PIN you will get the splash message saying MFA Successfully Revoked.

Once the MFA is successfully revoked, you will notice the Multi-Factor Authentication section disappears from your profile.

Next time you access the Reckon GovConnect, you will be prompted to set up new MFA again with the below message. Follow the prompts to set up your MFA.

Additional information:

If you still have access to your Old device, where MFA is setup, you can also follow this instruction to revoke your MFA.

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