Transaction rule does not pick up the transaction

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Why does the transaction rule do not pick up my transaction? I have setup the transaction rule to find ‘anything’ or ‘any of these words’, yet it does not pick the transaction imported.


The issue is, Deadly Digits looks for the exact words in the description in the bank rules to apply the rule. The description you have entered in the rule has to match exactly the description received in the bank feed or statement.

Usually with the bank imports, the descriptions fields are limited, so banks send the description of conjoined words like ‘Purchase Unleaded-Petrol’, ‘Purchase_petrol’, ‘Purchase Petrol-E10’ etc. These words are not single word and are joined with dashes or underscore. It is not the same as your rule criteria, which is looking for single word ‘Petrol’.

Hence if you have set the rule to find 'any of these word’ in ‘Petrol’, the rule will not apply as it does not find a single word for ‘petrol’ in the description coming through bank feed.

We are aware of this issue and working on it.


Please enter all the possible combination of word in the description or create separate rule for each combination.

So for the rule to work it would need to be configured to find 'Any of the these words' and enter the words, Unleaded-Petrol petrol Petrol-E10 etc or any possible combinations you think bank may send it.

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