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Deadly Digits has the facility to create ABA files that are uploaded to the bank for processing batch payments.

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Getting your book ready for bank payments

Processing supplier payments

Creating an ABA file


Getting your book ready for bank payments

General details

Select Settings from the Administration drop down menu (cog icon). Select Book settings from the General section. On the General details tab, you must have the Legal name completed or there will be a validation error when you try to produce an ABA file.



Bank settings

From the vertical side navigation menu, expand Banking menu and click on Bank accounts. Click on the Settings icon for the bank account you want to edit. Scroll down to the Financial Institution Details section and ensure you complete all the fields.



The Include balancing transaction option is a requirement based on your financial institution. You will need to check with them if this is required for your file.

The APCA (Australian Payments Clearing Association) is a six digit number. It is the direct entry user ID assigned by your financial institution when you register for Direct Credits processing.

Supplier settings

For any Suppliers that you want to make ABA payments for – the Bank details tab needs to be completed with the correct bank account details.



Processing supplier payments

From the vertical side navigation menu, expand Day to day menu, in the Money Out section click on Make payment, then click on Add. Alternatively you can add a new payment via the quick add menu on the banner.


Complete the fields ensuring:  

  • Correct supplier contact is selected (supplier bank account details have already been entered)
  • Payment method must be Direct Deposit for the transaction to be allocated to the ABA file list


Click on Save and close.


Creating an ABA file

 From the vertical navigation menu, expand Banking menu and click on Bank payments.

The information displayed on the Bank payments overview can be customised by clicking on the Settings icon. Click Add to create a bank payment file.


Complete the information to create an ABA file.  Select the relevant Bank account. The Payment date is the date payments will be processed by the bank, it must be current or can be future dated. Enter a reference for the payment in the Reference field. Then click on Create.


Click on Add payment item to select the payments to be included in this ABA file. 


 Tick payments to be included then click on Select button.

The payment / s will now appear in the properties screen. 



To create the ABA file click on Generate file.  If you are using Google Chrome this will place an icon in the downloads bar. Click on dropdown arrow beside the icon and select Show in folder.



This will open the downloads folder containing the ABA file.  For other internet browsers you may see a message box asking you to specify where the downloaded file should be saved to.   

ABA files from Deadly Digits are named by:

  • Bank Account
  • Year
  • Month
  • Day
  • Hour
  • Minute
  • Second

The file naming convention avoids any duplicate naming of files, and sorting by file name will always show the earliest to latest file created so you can easily determine that latest version. We would recommend deleting your ABA files once they have been processed.

Upload the ABA file to your financial institution to process payments.




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