Unable to login to Deadly Digits Portal when Ad-blocker is installed.

Legacy KB ID: 5608


I’m unable to login to Deadly Digits Portal from my browser. I can login using another browser or another PC using the same browser. Why cannot I use my preferred browser?


Occasionally different security add-ons that is installed on the browser tends to block access to the login. We have identified few occasions, where ad-blocker add-on installed on the chrome has restricted the access to Deadly Digits login. However, this can affect any other browser too.

Who does this apply to?

Please note this issue is only identified for some MAC users where the user has got ad-blocker installed on their browsers. It may affect any browser with adblocker installed.


1) Try removing the ad-blocker

2) Try use different browser.

3) Edit the ad-blocker to add reckon URL in the allowed lists. Please see the ad-block specific user guide to be able to do so.

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