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FAQ - Reckon GovConnect


Q: Do I need an Auskey to use Reckon GovConnect?

The only time you require a business or tax agent Auskey to use Reckon GovConnect is to register the Software ID with the ATO - if you are doing this with the ATO access manager. If you do not wish to use Auskey, you can call the ATO to register your Software ID. The phone number is 1300 852 232. You will need Reckon Limited’s ABN which is 14 003 348 730 and the Software ID which was generated in your GovConnect application.

Q: How do I register my Software ID with the ATO access manager?

First open and click Login


Once you click Login the following screen will appear. In the Select the drop down box, choose your local Auskey. If your local Auskey is not found you may need to re-download it. Once you have selected a credential from the list, click Continue.

Once the screen loads, click Notify the ATO of your hosted service.

In the ABN field enter 14003348730 and click Search. Reckon Limited should then appear in the software service provider list. Click Reckon Limited. 

You then need to enter the Software ID from your Reckon GovConnect STP application found at

Click on Reckon GovConnect, open the business you have registered, and click Company & Adviser Info. You will then see your Software ID listed. Note: You will need to have set up your STP application in the Deadly Digits Customer Portal prior to this step. 

Once you have done this, click Next. The Software ID is now registered and you should be able to submit Single Touch Payroll data via Reckon GovConnect. 

Q:  I am a Tax Agent/Bookkeeper that runs the payroll entirely for my client as a outsourced solution. Should I sign up for Reckon GovConnect myself or have the client do it?

If you as the tax agent/bookkeeper run the payroll entirely outsourced it probably makes most sense for you to setup the Reckon GovConnect system and then report for your client. 


Q: Can I as a tax agent lodge on my clients behalf? Do I need to use my Tax Agent Auskey?

Yes, once you setup your details in the Company & Adviser section of Reckon GovConnect, the transmissions will be sent as if reported from the agent. You only need to use a Tax Agent Auskey if you are registering a Software ID via ATO access manager.


Q: Why am I getting a '401 unauthorised' error when trying to submit my STP data to the ATO?

This is most likely due to your web browser not removing an expired MFA token from its cache. Clearing browser cache is different for each browser, so simply enter the following into a search engine "how do I clear the cache for insert your web browser here".

Q: I am changing payroll software during the current financial year - what do I need to know? 

The ATO have provided guidelines on this scenario HERE. Note: Option 3 is not valid as other software vendors have been unwilling to pass on the BMS identifier they use. 


Multi Factor Authentication FAQ

Q: What is MFA?

Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) is a process where an additional step of authentication is used to verify your identity.

It is more secure than just a username and password combination because it ensure whoever is logging into your account has access to the singular device that you have set up as the secondary authentication mechanism. 

There are two forms of MFA offered to protect your account 

1. SMS verification, where an SMS is delivered to a nominated phone number 

2. Google Authenticator, where a unique code is regularly generated by the Google Authenticator mobile phone app.



Q: I want to swap MFA Authenticator between devices, what do I do?

To swap your MFA Authentication between devices you are required to follow the following steps: 

  1. Revoke MFA from your Portal Account
  2. Remove the MFA code from your Authenticator Application
  3. Enable MFA on your Portal Account with your new Device using either SMS or Google Authenticator

Step 1: To remove MFA from your Portal Account please follow these instructions:

  • Navigate to 'My Profile' Section when logged into your Portal Account (Top Right)   
  • Select 'Revoke MFA' under the heading 'Multi Factor Authentication'
  • Input either the code Sent via SMS, the MFA Code from the Google Authenticator app or Recovery PIN
  • Your MFA has successfully been revoked from your User Account


Step 2: (If you have used Google Authenticator ) To Remove the MFA Code from your Authenticator Application, follow these instructions:

Open your Authentication Application (Google Authenticator Or Browser Based Version)

Google Authenticator:

For Android:

  • Press the MFA Code until it becomes highlighted.
  • Select the 'Trash' icon in the top right.  
  • Carefully read the warning message presented by Google.
  • Once you're confident you've followed their warnings select 'Remove Account'.

For iOS:

  • Press the 'Edit' icon in the top right of the application
  • Tap the MFA code you wish to remove.
  • Select 'Delete' that appears at the bottom
  • Carefully read the warning message presented by Google.
  • Once you're confident you've followed their warnings select 'Remove Account'.


Browser Based Authenticator

  • Select the 'Edit' icon in the top right of the extension.
  • Select the 'Minus' icon to the top left of the specific MFA Code
  • Carefully read the warning message presented by Authenticator
  • Once you're confident you've followed the warning, select 'Yes'.


Step 3: To Enable MFA on your new device, follow the instructions here:



Q: I've scanned the QR code for the first time but I'm receiving the error message 'Please Type Correct Code' when typing it in. 

This error is due to the QR code being generated within the Portal not being in sync with Google Services. This can occur occasionally due to caching within a browser.

The solution to this error is to delete the code within your code generator and refresh the page to generate a new QR code. Once this is done, scan the new QR code and input the newly generated code.  


Q:  I've scanned the QR code and successfully passed MFA, but now I'm receiving the error message 'Please Type Correct Code' when inputting my code.

This error is due to the code being generated by the Google Authenticator App or Browser Plugin not being in sync with Google Services.

The instructions to ensure the correct time sync are:

For Android;

Launch the app, tap the Menu button (three dots), and go to Settings > Time Correction for Codes > Sync now.

The sync will only affect the internal time of the Google Authenticator App or Browser Plugin, and not change your devices Date & Time settings;

For Apple/iOS;

Reset your device's time setting by going to General > Settings.


Q: I no longer have my MFA Device or Recovery PIN to authorise myself within the Deadly Digits Portal for Reckon GovConnect.

Please contact our support team on 1300 137 657 for further assistance on how to gain access to your account.



Additional Resources

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