Creating a new role for a user in Deadly Digits.

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How do I create the different user roles/Permission for a user? I have added another user account to my book and I want to limit their access to just the certain area of the book. For example, I want to limit their access to certain areas such as bank balances or Payrolls etc.


Who does this applies to:This applies to all the Deadly Digits user who has more than one users, on the book and wish to restrict the access of the other users to certain sensitive financial information.

Brief description

Deadly Digits allows an unlimited user account to be created and advanced roles or access controls features for these user accounts. It allows you to configure your own roles and assign them to the user accounts. However, care to be taken while creating the roles that you do not accidentally assign the permission that you do not intend to.

Creating a new Role

By default, there are four predefined roles available

  1. Administrator
  2. Limited
  3. Superuser
  4. Support

You can see the details of these roles upon going on ‘Show details’ next to it. If you do not see the ideal role you wish on these available roles, you can easily add your own Custom-made roles.

To create a role:

  1. Log in to the book and go to Administration (circular cogwheel icon) menu on the top right.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Select Roles under General.
  4. Select Add button on the top right to add new roles.
  5. Enter the Roles name and Description for the role.
  6. Select or Deselect the permission under each category as per your requirement. The available permissions are All, View, Create and edit, Delete, Print and email, Approve Lodge etc.
  7. Save and close once satisfied.

Once the role is created as per your requirement you can assign this to the user you need.

Editing the existing Role

You can also edit the existing role from here. Just select the role you wish to edit and make the necessary changes.

Additional information:

Note you can assign more than one roles to a user. However, as it follows the hierarchy, the role with a higher level of permission will override the roles with a lower level of permission.

You can also see how many users are assigned to certain roles from the roles list.

You can add/remove users to the roles from within here under ‘Users currently assigned’ section. To add users, select the user and select Add button.

To remove the users from this role, select the red cross next to the username. Note this will only remove the user from this particular role. It may be possible that users are assigned to other roles too.

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